Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Question from a student about a monologue

This morning I got an email Question from a student about a monologue:
On Mar 13, 2007, L K wrote:
Hi,-- about Eulogy--
I am planning on using this piece for theatrical
auditions in the very, near future. I chose this
piece because I can relate to the subject matter and
it is a very, dynamic piece. Can you tell me what
your inspiration was?

I replied:
It's a composite character, combining two women who talked to me in 2 different conversations with a few others present. The first was after a Memorial Service at my UU church, where I sat having tea with an acquaintance and a few strangers and the general topic was the multiple Eulogies we'd just heard. We agreed how moving it was when different friends and relatives revealed the depth of love inspired by someone-- someone that we who were at the table knew only slightly. A young woman said that sometimes there is a side of someone that only one family member knows: and that person may never reveal it. I remembered part of that story about that young woman's father when a few years later, when after a Creativity class another woman talked about being asked to speak at the funeral of her abusive father. I imagined myself in each woman's place, and then the two merged into a single voice and story. I'm sure that I added parts of my own experience with a distant & curmudgeonly -- but not overtly abusive or rejecting -- father to the mix. My own father had just died when I wrote it.
Does this help?

she wrote back to say that it did help -- though I'm not sure why. Isn't this how most writing happens???

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