Saturday, March 31, 2007

Praise and Requests

Hi there my name is brian i am a manchester and london based actor i just came across your website in an attempt to find a specific monologue, though it didnt have what i am looking for it was fun to go through and good to see another independant resource for monologues. just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work
best regards brian

ps you wouldnt know where to find a monologue from a young american/english soldier in iraq speaking on conflict? im looking for a sort of 2-3 mins reply to a shrink to add to my catalogue.

I expect that I'll write one one day soon. After I've met and talked to such a person.
I just wrote a short play, "Rehabilitation", on the subject. But the wounded soldier is a female.

LMC wrote:
Having read several of your one act plays, I have now turned to some of your full length ones. I was wondering if I could get a full copy of "Amazons" and "No Secrets, No Lies." I greatly enjoy your writings! I especially appreciate how they force you to think. I read "Under Siege," and I am still thinking about it a lot. It definitely posed a challenge to my traditional mindset. Thank you for writing!

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