Monday, March 19, 2007

birthday blues

All day dealing with the birthday blues. Doesn't help that my natal date is now also the date of the start of the invasion of Iraq. My husband and I made the local anti-war Vigil for an hour before I had to go to the annual IRNE awards presentation. David said that various MA town Vigils were featured on all 3 11 pm newscasts.
I didn't win Supporting actress at the IRNEs: "Talking To Terrorists" got none of the multiple awards it was nominated for, alas
But it was a good night for Women. Productions of Luce's The Women, Playwrights Platform's aluma Teresa Rebeck's Mauritius, and Ahren's Ragtime took home the lion's share of the prizes. Local actress/producer/director/playwright Jacqui Parker won Best New Play (small theatre) for her Dark As A Thousand Midnights --- and yes, Jacqui had a monologue in our ICWP program at the Boston Playwrights Theatre on March 8th.

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