Monday, October 16, 2006

To Much To Do, Hamster on a Wheel

I am really down, mostly exhaustion.
I feel that I SHOULD go to the NYC Woman Playwrights event at Merrymont, but my vitality is at a low ebb. Sunday was busy, choir in the O My Goodness 8am, Playwrights Platform till 10 pm; today I slept till almost 11 am and am now behind on today's to-do's. Wednesday is a Big Event: my successful old friend from Playwrights Platform, Teresa Rebeck, has a new play opening at the Huntington, and there's a pre-show dinner next door at Uno's and possibly a reception after. I have a comp ticket, and am expected to attend.
Thursday I'm rehearsing and Saturday performing "Awake and Sing" -- that played to 7 or fewer people each night of its massively depressing two weekend run, will be at temple Beth El in Quincy, MA, where there is presumably a captive if not necessarily uncritical audience.
There was just a NYTimes article about the young Emerson College actress's murder's conviction-- That's the young woman for whom this "Awake" was supposedly a "benefit"-- she played my daughter in the production 7 years ago. Suppose they gave a "benefit" and nobody came.....????
I promised a 10 min opera libretto to a composer. It's half-done and time's running out. Tonight, tomorrow, or forget it and spoil a promising partnership....

At this point I just wish somebody would go and take notes. Any ideas about how to make women's voices heard in this hell-in-a-handbasket era would go immediately onto my to-do list. Except "give money". That seems to be the only idea my Good Causes have, judging from my mail and email.

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