Saturday, October 14, 2006

Meta-discussion about a Dig blog

Meta-discussion about a Dig blog review

The same phrase (e.g. "Whispered opera") that repels people who want the on stage equivalent of car chases and explosions will attract the people who want an in-depth contemplation of material that they personally consider important. It's not "bad publicity"-- it's truth in advertising. It isn't a (small) theatre's job to be all things to all people. An honest essay at some aspect of the human condition, a little truth or beauty: that's more than we get from the Mass Distraction Industry that serves up the car chases.
The basic qualification for a critic is the widest possible range of interest and empathy-- or at some sense of his or her own limitations, and a willingness to experience and describe without prejudice things that are-- though nothing human should be-- alien.
Why are we discussing the sensibility/ethics of someone who spray-paints "sucks" in our neighborhood?

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