Thursday, July 27, 2006

Kelly Du Mar gets great PR!

My fellow Playwright's Platform member is featured in the Boston Globe today! What a coup for a local writer, and good publicity for the opening of the Hovey Players' summer -whatever they are calling it this year--.
The Kelly chronicles
By Denise Taylor | Boston Globe July 27, 2006
When Kelly DuMar closed her psychotherapy practice in 1995, the move triggered a recurring dream. "There was this muse figure that kept appearing and telling me, `Well, you've already written all you will ever write in your whole life,' " she recalled. ``And I'd wake up thinking, `Well, what the heck does that mean?' " The answer was quickly clear. DuMar, 47, of Sherborn, had decided on the career change to make time for her children and for writing plays. The muse was simply pointing her toward ... the nearly 200 diaries she's filled over the past 34 years...
"It's a lot of raw material," she said...... "In a way, the diaries almost exist as this map of where I'm going as a writer," she said. "So, a lot of things spring from them." ... in 2001, she published "Before You Forget: The Wisdom of Writing Diaries for Your Children" (Red Pail Press). .. In the five years since, she has created two one-hour dramas, 10 short pieces and one full-length play. Her works have been featured in national festivals, and recognized with awards, and a few published. DuMar will be one of six playwrights and filmmakers featured in the Hovey Summer Arts Festival in Waltham over the next two weekends. And, again, a diary plays a role in her piece. Only this time it's at the center of the plot...In ``What We Save"... "It's about expectation versus surprise . . . and it's about emotional consequences and how they play out over time," DuMar said. "It has its comic moments, but there are some emotional conflicts at the center of this piece that really drive it."...
"The diaries take you through every age and stage of life lived," she said. "You're writing always in the voice and the age and perspective that you are at."...

Will and I will see Kelly's play at the Hovey Summer Arts Festival tomorrow night.


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