Saturday, July 22, 2006

Staying Connected

Spent today-- and some days before, and more to come-- on cyber-networking. Both my Dramatists Guild Member Profile and my Profile on StageSource were suffering from serious neglect. I pay for the public profile as part of my dues, and as an artist who has decided to network on line rather than try to be charming in person it behooves me to get my basic information expanded and updated and add a link to my Stagepage site to these boards, both of which have upcoming revision deadlines.

David and I are also making mp3 files of ourselves reading my Mouth-Off monologues to add to Stagepage. If we figure out where to site them so that downloads won't cost a fortune, we'll ask actor friends to make mp3's too. Maybe put samples on this blog?
Dave, speaking kinda-sorta for Geralyn:
We have a new group of Mouth-Offs she's written, with more coming this weekend, too. And two new 'readings', in addition to the one I sent earlier. We will be doing our own update next week - after training exercises - but asked Our Great Web Wizard Wyn Snow of Dragonscale to do the initial beta.
Information of note: we've been SEEN!
"mouth-offs" has been hit 270 times this week ... and the 'readings' have not been up the entire week ... and we've had 220 hits on the 'readings'! I'm not sure if that means most of them heard both, if half of them heard both, if most heard one ... that's a lot of people listening! Used half a GB of her 20 GB monthly limit ... we may run over our limit next month. That would be SUCH a mixed 'problem'.


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