Friday, July 14, 2006

Busy Week End

David's birthday cookout, family and friends invited for a last-minute party to precede the game session he has with his regular group on Friday nights. Celebrating a day and a half without rain. We wiped the mud off the lawn furniture and test-fired the grill. The garden is weedy but flourishing with the unprecedented rainfall this spring and summer. I felt a bit awkward leaving with Will at 7:40 to see Lucky Stiff at Turtle Lane-- less than 10 minutes way-- but this was planned before the party was.

I took me quite a while to warm up to Lucky Stiff. It seems influenced by A Funny Thing Happened-- which is fine-- but it is difficult to relax and enjoy so many brash and brassy characters screeching at each other. It is interesting that the Antagonist, the young woman determined to foil our hapless hero in his quest for his dead uncle's fortune, has the only sweet and sympathetic song in the first half.

Tried to get to bed early to get a good nights sleep before the trip to Lenox tomorrow-- but David's kids and a couple of close friends were still partying when Will and I got back to the house. I tried to pick up party debris from the garden, but it was difficult to do in the dark. Chatted pleasantly with guests-- mostly about food and cats. We all like to eat and most of us have one or more cats presently and cats fondly remembered in our pasts.


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