Monday, July 24, 2006

Dangerously Popular?

David is worried that our new mp3 toy on Stagepage may be Dangerously Popular and incur run-away chages for Bandwidth use.... he says:
SCARED fellow, now.
Bandwidth use, from July 6 through yesterday was a bit over 0.6 GB - that included three days where readings were available and where someone clicked one 'triangle' or the other 220 times.
Before the game it hit 0.7 GB
After the game it was at 0.71 GB
This morning it was 0.72 GB
That's over forty (40) more clicks While America Slept!
On unadvertised links!
WTF ? ! ? ! ? ! ?
The first 20+ happened while I'd expect most of Geralyn's audience might be at the theater. The second 20+ while they should have been sleeping. Don't have the official numbers for yesterday, yet, but this could be a hint of danger to come and a warning to scale back any plans any of us had.
I'll be looking into the Yahoo! bandwidth option today. The technology we are using doesn't care where the file it plays lives and I think the bandwidth used is only charged to the site hosting the file rather than to the one providing the link.


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