Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Flurry of Flattering Requests

You have my permission.
I'd love to hear how it goes!
Mar 16, 2006
I am teaching English to French people in France. I would like to use one or more of your plays as a reading exercise in English.
Regards........David K.

Mar 15, 2006, Claudia B wrote:

Hi, I’m requesting the opportunity to read one of your short (10 minute) plays. As a member of the CDC club of Toastmasters, I'm at the stage now where I need to perform a brief play for our club. (No money will be charged, no profit will be made, no finances are involved at all!)
I know that I'd need your permission to do so, and as a former theatre major (100 years ago, back in college in central Illinois) I will totally respect that!
I've had good fun browsing your site and was especially interested in Autumn Leaves I or II and Beyond Measure.
Thanks for your help with all this~~and my best to you.
Ok, you have my permission.
If you are a hit be sure to mention the author and her website!
If, not, not.
Break a leg.

March 15
I'm C. P. of O. high school. I've previously emailed you, and haven't gotten a reply, yet. I wondered if you have tried to reply. I am currently in a play direction class, and I would like your permission to do a directing analysis on your one act "Heaven and Hades", and to further inquire because I'm deciding what one act I will direct and produce in later spring. If you already have replied feel free to do so again. Thank you.

You have my permission to print out and analyze my play "Heaven and Hades".
It is sometimes confusing to have the address from which a request is sent ask for a return to a different email address-- but I can't find any message from you in my record-keeping mailbox. A student did ask permission to perform/direct "H&H" last month, but it was a different student name and a college rather than a high school production that I sent permission to then.



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