Thursday, November 02, 2006

ICWP Celebrations to Be in Boston March 2007

I'm on the board of the International Centre for Women
Playwrights. In Nov 2003 I produced an area event called "Boston
Her-rah", showcasing about 30 local women playwrights. A committee
of about a dozen, of whom maybe half were/are loosely connected to
ICWP- (it's a cyber org: check out the web site. The Her-Rah event's
program and pictures are on it ) put together a week end of
performances and discussion. We invited women whose work we knew and
admired, and let them choose what 5-30 minute piece they wanted to
represent them. There were also panels and workshops, a reception,
and an open mic session --- Wheelock College and Central Square
Library donated the space. It was a great event! But did you even
hear about it? We had wonderful writers, directors, actors; but we
just weren't effective in generating publicity and attendance. People were happy it happened: but there wasn't enough of a response
by the community as a whole to encourage the women who worked on it
to be in a hurry to do more.
Now I'm supposed to produce another one: in conjunction with
International Women's Day, in March 2007. Ideally with one or more
guest playwrights from Abroad--- similar events will be taking place
in Edinburgh, Scotland and in, I think, Canada, Germany, and Romania,
and several others in the USA.
But I'm Not good at Production. I hate to make phone calls. I can't
organize schedules. I'm a natural pessimist, and spread worry and
gloom rather than cheer and optimism. Like the Little Red Hen, I'm about to go around clucking and squawking and ask:How about helping out? Or maybe taking over? I can work hard, and
heaven knows I am acquainted with 100s of talented people around
here (although I have trouble remembering their names and faces: if
it isn't part of a narrative, I forget...) Could I have some help to do this,
please? I know, I know, the boys should get a turn, too. But women
are starting from so far behind......"

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