Sunday, April 09, 2006

Saturday -- the End

I do very little during the day, saving my energy for the matinee and evening performances.

My husband agrees to pick me up at 11pm to make it easy for me to carry home all my show stuff-- besides the ordinary, I have a couple or three lamps on loan to the set to retrieve.

I thought both last shows would be packed with all the people who understood how important the play is but put off going until the last minute: wrong. Small houses again. It is so sad to be part of this beautiful painful thing and realize that hardly anybody wants to experience it.

The cast goes to the Butcher Shop across the street for a brief get -together. At some point I hear that tehre is a story in today's Globe that the Sugan is resigning from its residency at the BCA and may or may not be able to reorganize and find a new home. Peter and the crew aren't talking about it-- they have words of comfort for the distressed, but my distress is not likely to be eased. As far as I am concerned, Sugan is the Little Theatre That Does Everything Right. If it is not sufficiently supported by the community to survive, than the art is in very deep and perhaps irreparable difficulty.


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