Monday, June 09, 2008

Florida Playreading Group Offers feedback


I am a member of an informal drama group of about 4-5 women and 2-3 men. We meet once a month in each other’s homes.

I found your website, and would like to use your plays in our readings. We have not performed publicly, and at this stage, don’t plan to in the near future.

Our reading group is just for our enjoyment.


Would it be all right to use your plays?

I said "sure" and added 

I'd be interested in what you choose to read and if it goes well.  I try to keep track of which sorts of plays appeal to which sorts of people.  I occasionally get asked:  "Which of your plays do you think will appeal to our audience of retired bookkeepers and their teen aged grandsons?" and having a record of who has laughed at X or wept at Y is very helpful.

and got a report back:

 HI, Geralyn.

Our drama reading group met last Friday night.

There were 6 of us—4 women and 2 men.


We read two of your plays: “Showtime” and “Rehabilitation.”


The first, “Showtime,” had mixed reviews. We all enjoyed it to some degree. One of the men said it was “interesting.” I think we were all surprised at the mention of the sex toys. We are for the most part a conservative group. One of the women, MaryBeth, said she enjoyed doing the reading—“I thought it was fun!”  We all laughed all the way through it. MaryBeth and I have a history of NOT reading the plays that we choose ahead of time. So we always are surprised at what happens when the group gets together.

“Rehabiliation” was a nice contrast to the first. Everyone thought it was very timely. We all enjoyed Deena’s forthrightness.


We plan to read “A Late Lunch” at the next meeting on July 11.


C. R., Librarian
Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute at Florida Atlantic University; Fort Pierce, FL

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