Sunday, April 13, 2008

2008 Future Fest -- NYC

April 13th announcement:
I will be performing Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro's solo musical "Martha Mitchell" as the opening show in the Artists of Tomorrow 2008 FutureFest series presented by Six Figures Theatre Co.  at the West End Theatre, 263 West 86th Street NYC at 8 pm on Saturday April 19th and 3 pm  Sunday April 20th.  Martha's director, June Lewin, musical director/pianist Joan Faber, and Stage Mgr/Tech director Jeff Brewer are taking the bus to the Big Apple too.  If anyone  has friends in NYC they can recommend it to, we'd be grateful.  I know it's an honor to be invited, but it'd also be nice to have an audience!
Here's the Six Figures web site     
The Smarttix  blurb for the NYC "Martha"   
Martha Mitchell Musical's own web site  is  
I also have a little Podcast re: the NYC gig at   G.L.Horton's Stage Page Pod Cast
REPLY to email:  Dear Geralyn I wish I knew someone in NYC, but I don't. However I wish you the very best and wish you could do it here in Boston. Martha was a very funny, exciting, bright, independent and out spoken women and I'm sorry to say women of a younger age probably don't know who she is or realize her connection in part to the downfall of the second Nixon White House via the Watergate Connection and her charming husband Attorney General, John Mitchell.  If I remember correctly still a little mystery surrounding her passing. Break a leg Kid. Have fun I know you'll knock em dead. They could not have a better opening. I send prayers for a full house. Blessings Peg H 

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