Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sex and Seniors

Fellow writer asks: "In senior's sex taboo? I've written a short play for seniors, and not even a whisper of a comment. Is it just not done?"
My opinion:
It is done discretely, according to my 88 year old mom who has subscriptions to two local Tampa area theatres where the audiences -- and many of the actors-- are post-retirement age. She served for years on the script-selection committee. Her generation still objects mightily to "language" -- doesn't want to hear "that stuff" on stage. But geriatric love affairs and salty old folks are appreciated, and they like to see sympathetic young people get together.
another quotes Bonnie L. Vorenberg, Senior Theatre Expert, on the subject:
"Sex, drugs and rock and roll are still alive in seniors’ lives. It seems that audiences of all ages enjoy hints of sexuality, but might be turned off with explicit sexuality."


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