Tuesday, April 25, 2006

friend and colleague Miriam D'Amato

My friend and colleague Miriam D'Amato has died. Here's the email announcement that went out to Playwright's Platform members:
"It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Platform member Miriam D'Amato. A member of the Platform since 1998, Miriam was along-time writer seeking to broaden her abilities into playwriting. She was an active participant in our community and a regular at our Sunday meetings, with several of her plays performed at the Platform's annual Summer Festivals, and many of them produced in the wider theater world. More importantly, she was a dear friend to many of us in the Platform. We extend our heartfelt condolences to her family as we hold her in our thoughts and prayers. Miriam will be sorely missed."
Patrick Brennan, president
Tribute from Monica Raymond:
"I still remember her play "A Noodle Kugel for Company," about the difficult and hilarious first date of a couple of senior singles, as read by Annette Miller and Ted Kazanoff, at the 2003 Boston HER-RAH. I think that play also won or placed in the senior theater contest you run, Alan. Miriam published an article in ICWP's SEASONS, and when I went on-line to
try to find information about when her funeral is/was, I pulled it up. .. along with a picture of her. This is really all I know. I didn't know Miriam well, but it's sad and a little bit shocking to realize that she, who seemed a forever presence in the local playwriting scene, is now gone."
From Alan Woods at Ohio State:
"Deeply saddened to learn of Miriam's passing. Noodle Kugel was indeed a winner in the first Heckart Drama for Seniors competition in 2003, and our local performers, Harold and Anita Eisenstein (both in their upper 80s), have performed it frequently in and around Columbus ever since. She'll be missed."

I directed Noodle Kugel at the Playwrights Platform festival, where it won the first of several prizes, and then again for the ICWP Her-Rah! presentation. Miriam was lovely to work with, and I also enjoyed playing her characters in Platform readings over the years.


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