Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Rosanna Alfaro & I will be going to ICWP/NYC!

Where I will perform an excerpt from Rosanna's "Martha Mitchell" Friday, March 23rd, at The Drama Bookshop (Arthur Seelen Theatre):

Here's the message:
On behalf of the N.Y. ICWP readings committee, I would like to thank you all for submitting your work for consideration in the ICWP Celebrates International Women's Day readings in New York City. We received 70 scripts from 30 member playwrights located in four different countries!
Every script we received was read blind (with no knowledge of the author's identity) and given careful attention by at least two readers (sometimes as many as five!)
Having received acceptances from all selected playwrights, we are now thrilled to announce the rosters!
Friday, March 9th, at The Dramatists Guild:

WINDOWS by Judith Pratt
BLOOD SISTERS by Robin Rice Lichtig
THE UNDERSTANDING by Rachel Rubin Ladutke
PIKE by Terri Febuary

Friday, March 23rd, at The Drama Bookshop (Arthur Seelen Theatre):

THE SOME OF ALL PARTS by Mrinalini Kamath
CASUALTIES by Sandra Dempsey
HURRICANE IN A GLASS by Kimberly Pritchard
FLYING BLIND by Kathleen Warnock
MARTHA MITCHELL by Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro

Readings will begin at 6:30 each evening, followed by a reception.

Please stay tuned for more details as they emerge. We hope to see you there!

Also, if anyone would like to offer help with publicity, organization, or other areas, please back-channel me. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and your support!

Rachel Rubin Ladutke

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Friday, January 26, 2007

ICWP Celebrations in Boston March 2007

original "call" to ICWP list with some timely updates....

The International Women's Day or Women's History Month ICWP Celebrations in Boston March 2007

These will be mainly networking events: a chance for women playwrights to introduce themselves and present an attractive sample of their work: Short pieces! So that we get a critical mass to interact and a sense of the abundance of talent and the wide range of subjects and styles women writers have to offer. The work will be self-selected and self-produced by the writers. I'm not jurying, except in so far as I am inviting the women who participated successfully in the 2003 Her-Rah to be part of 2007. This isn't an event for testing new material, but for showing off a bit of the best that you have to your colleagues and theatre professionals. We had a wonderful time together in 2003, getting to know and admire each others' work and sharing contacts. I'm trusting that the Muse will smile on our endeavors this time too.

VIRTUAL PARTICIPATION: Boston Playwrights Theatre is donating space for an event Thursday March 8th that will focus on monologues for actors to use for auditions. Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro, who organized for ICWP in 2003, has taken responsibility for this. Some of Boston's best actors and directors have signed on, and the Playwrights Theatre will promote the idea of actors and acting teachers going directly to local women playwrights to get fresh unpublished material. There will be a directors/coaches panel led by Victoria Marsh, discussing how to choose and use monologues, and a network and smooze reception. The Theatre only seats 75, but is legal for 90 with standees -- we're hoping to use the lobby/greenroom for an after-show party that will include more actors/directors/playwrights than will fit into the event, but that is still at the wish stage. VIRTUAL PARTICIPATION by ICWP writers for whom it is impractical to be present will work like this: You snail me a packet of 100 copies (single or double sided) of a page that includes your contact info, tiny bio, description of your monologues and their availability, and a sample or 2 from your monologues that give a sense of your work in this genre; OR you email me the same info, edited to fit onto a single side-- simple txt formatting, please-- I'm a mac user and MSWord has a nasty way of gumming up my word processor programs-- and I will print out 100 copies on my laser printer. However these playwright-advertising pages come to me, I will collate them into packets to be offered to the directors and lit mgrs and actors who take part in this BPT/ICWP event. Any packets that are not claimed at the BPT will be taken to later ICWP events and offered to people there. Advertise!

PHYSICAL PARTICIPATION: If you are an ICWP member and you have some Boston-area connections and can be here for one of the events, please consider participating! I wouldn't encourage anyone to do so who does not already have some connections... Boston does not generally welcome or nurture playwrights. We're working on that here: there is a StageSource committee charged with setting up something for Boston that is modeled on the great work of Chicago Dramatists. Local theatre directors and literary managers will be invited to this event. Chances are, though, that they will NOT come unless someone they know personally is directly involved. But if you have had a play done in this area before, or an area theatre has expressed interest in your work and said something like "If you have something done nearby where I can see it, invite me" and you think that your participation could be a real networking opportunity, then do come! We can't produce for you, but we will assist in any way we can. Maybe the Boston person who is interested your play will be willing to direct the scene or short one act, and provide actors.

So far, there are 6 committed venues for these events, follows:

Kelly Du Mar, a member of Board of Playwrights' Platform and also a veteran of ICWP's Boston Her-Rah 2003, is organizing readings co-sponsored by Boston Playwrights Platform centered on Metro West women for Saturday March 3rd at Wellesley College. It includes a panel on the Wide World of Women Writers. Nora Hussey, head of Theatre at Wellesley, brought a fully mounted production to the ICWP/WPI conference in Galway Ireland, and produces a high proportion of women's work at her theatre, mostly Irish or English. She is the main producer of Polly Teale's work in the US. She will be joined on the panel by directors Nancy Curran Willis, Rose Carlson, and Jerry Bisantz.

ICWP member Hortense Gerardo is featured in an event that will showcase her one act "The Rosewater of Dona Felicidad", an allegorical play based on Dr. Faustus and the fall of Allende circa 1973, which will be performed as a form of object-based theater-- aka puppetry. There's also a women-themed gallery art show -- at Lasell College in Newton. Newton Community Cable will cover it as News. It is Saturday March 10th, and will have a reception with refreshments.

ICWP has secured the Central Square Library in Cambridge for events March 8th 6-9pm
and Sat March -10th "matinee" 10:30 am-2pm.
These are events for which I am hoping for more participants. Central Sq. is a funky diverse location, nestled between Harvard and MIT. You can see the space-- it will seat 70-90-- with bad sight lines-- on the ICWP web site under "Events 2003 Her-Rah". Two of the participants from 2003 have indicated that they want slots in the Sat. "Matinee". I am trying to recruit a sane dependable person to run Central Sq. Thurs eve, because I'll be acting a monologue from Rosanna Alfaro's Martha Mitchell at BPT and can't be in 2 places... Actress Ann Carpenter, who is in the Charlestown Working Theatre's production of ICWP member Jamie Pachino's "Race", is getting two of the CWT actors to reprise a scene from "Race" at Central Sq., probably on Thurs. the 8th.

The Brighton (Boston) Public Library just called to request ICWP Women's History Month readings in their 70 seat performance space on Thursday March 15th 7-9 pm. I queried them-- the Platform used to have play readings there-- last month, but the head Librarian was on vacation. She's back, and very enthusiastic. So this space is open for plays and scenes, and so far I have only 20 minutes of scenes to put in it!

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