Wednesday, September 14, 2011

just a quick stop-gap

I have pic and news and "reviews" of the Precious Bane reading , but no time to post now.

What I do want to post before I lose it is a comment I couldn't resist making on the "Artful Manager" blog|:

The whole idea of non-profit needs to be overhauled. Increasingly our institutions reinforce extreme inequality. Minimally, tax free status should only go to organizations that put the majority of their money and effort into serving the bottom half of the income ladder, and pay employees and leadership no more the average wage for a graduate of an open-enrollment public school and university degree-holder. Our "meritocracy" is an illusion: money opens the gates at every checkpoint, and make sure that those who make decisions will make them from the POV of the richly credentialed.
Our local non-profit hospitals are being taken over by corporations. Apparently nobody has standing to sue on behalf of the 1000s of people who over decades donated to those hospitals believing that their donations were charity, not an "asset" to make businessmen rich. Donations of time, blood, services are even more important than mere money: the corporation should be made to return the value of those assets to charity; to the struggling real non-profits who serve the poor and the uninsured.

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