Thursday, August 04, 2011

The new musical I've been working on for the last 4 years

Precious Bane, a new musical by Miriam Raiken-Kolb (music, lyrics) and G.L. Horton (book, lyrics), will have its first full sing-through at Boston Playwrights Theatre at the end of August. The professional cast includes singers Shannon Muhs, Steven Murray, Bob DeVivo, Kaja Fickes, Charles Taylor, Jeremiah Alto, Jonas Budris, Renee Miller, Pamela Wolfe, and Abby Cordell, many of whom have been part of the musical's development process in the New Opera/Music Theatre Initiative's Advanced Workshop at Berklee.

Precious Bane is adapted from the celebrated novel by Mary Webb. It tells the sweeping dramatic story of Prue Sarn, born in 1800 with the "Devil's Mark" of a harelip, in Shropshire, England . Convinced by her brother Gideon that no man could ever love her, Prue agrees to join him in his obsessive quest for wealth and power. However, Kester the Weaver sees beyond her flawed face to the inner woman who should be his life's Companion. Now Prue must find the strength to believe in love and break free of the downward spiral set in motion by Gideon's ruthless choices.

Precious Bane is a classic large scale musical with soaring melodies and vivid characters. More information and six songs from the show are on the musical's Web Site.

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