Thursday, June 19, 2008

Platform Series B is underway!

Joe Orrigo and Teagan Rose in "The Cell"
I saw the shows Thursday night-- well done, people !   Vincent Siders was terrific as a war-damaged Vietnam Vet in Gail Phaneuf's "Stop Request", set on an MBTA Bus.  I not only believed in the actor, but the character is close kin to some I put in my own 1979 play re: the MBTA, Breaking in on the T.  A pic from this play is on this blog from about a week ago.

I've grabbed a jpeg from Kelly DuMar's spooky piece set in a graveyard, The Cell.  Good acting in that one, too-- the acting level this year is very impressive. I hope other Series B shows will have pics to share, too. 

Come out and enjoy the Second Weekend of the Playwrights' Platform Summer Festival!  It's great to see everyone there lending their support, laughter and applause!  Thanks to everyone who has volunteered and helped make this another very successful year for the Festival and the Platform!  Bravo!  (We can't do it without you...)  Help us spread the word for the final two performances.  AND... Don't forget the party on Saturday night at the theater after the show!  **   -Gail

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