Friday, June 20, 2008

Independent Eye seeks info RE: Theatre Blogs

This query on the Theatre Discussion List from Conrad of The Independent Eye:
"Are any of you using a blog, whether as promotion, as a means 
of community dialogue, or to document your creative process?  If so, 
we'd like to know.

Right now, The Independent Eye is involved in developing a 
co-production with a local theatre in Sebastopol, CA, of 
Shakespeare's THE TEMPEST as a live theatrical animation with 
puppets, digital media, shadows, lotsa stuff, for September 2009.  As 
part of this, along with community forums and a year-long 
developmental lab, we're planning to do a collaborative blog that 
both documents our process (with posts from staff, actors & other 
associated souls) and also invites public input.  Hopefully we can 
link with various theatre & puppetry websites and really contribute a 
model of functional documentation."
I'm sure others are doing this, or something like it, and I'd 
love to see what there is out there that we might build on.  Any 
leads, whether to your own site or to models in other arenas that 
might be useful in our planning?  Or initiatives that went 
ignominiously belly-up?

It's a couple years old.  I guess in some sense it documents my  
creative process.   I try to track my theatre activities and musings,  
including some list posts that may be mini-essays, plus some OT  opinions. 
Sometimes I neglect it for months, sometimes I post  
daily.   I put on it the kind of thing I would put on my Stagepage web  
site if the site hadn't grown to be so complicated and huge-- photos,  
programs, commentary.   My blog is lonesome.  I don't know if anybody  
reads it. You'd be doing me a favor if you went to it: wearing a path  
to its door, so to speak.  I hope this query results in some interesting blogs and possible links to them.  The Theatre blogs I read-- connected to Terry Teachout's, which I read religiously at Arts Journal, that Blog Roll makes those easiest to click to-- are sporadic and not very interesting

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Blogger Art said...

Hi Geralyn,

Thought you would like a link to this blog of a Chicago Theatre Artistic Director. He is currently putting on a festival of early women playwrights.

The festival website is here:

Though your taste in what is interesting is entirely up to you. The best theatre bloggers are hardly sporadic. Including most of the ones listed next to Terry's site. (I'm one of them actually :) )

But there are many others that aren't listed there.

For Instance: Theatrenotes is a poet/theatre critic out of Australia.

1:04 PM  

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