Thursday, September 13, 2007

Beginning Again with the Blog

Long time no blog. Busy writing plays. I've had things to say during the hiatus, though, so I'll start filling in backwards from today. Today I am arguing with fellow playwrights about David Mamet's definition of the purpose of theatre and his own accomplishment as artist and critic:
David Mamet's idea of "delight" is very different from mine, and I suspect from many people's. He delights in cruelty, and sees drama as a kind of blood sport, like dog fighting, but with manipulative skill on display as well as courage and brute strength.

I don't like him or his plays, but I respect him and I attend his plays and read his essays to see what talent in service to the truth of the Dark Side can accomplish.

Mamet is not, as you suggest I imply, the nexus of evil. He is a talented artist who had a nightmare childhood and is making art from the materials his Muse supplies. It was bad enough when he was a Stoic: I revere Epititus. But now that Mamet rejoices in the cruelest aspects of the vengeful God of the ancient Hebrews, I can not contemplate his vision without a shudder. If I thought his version of the world was the whole truth and not a partial one, I would commit suicide. Better not to have been born into such a world.

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